Selling Diamonds

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Selling Diamonds


A Good Reputation is Everything in this Business…


When selling diamonds, be sure to go to a place that has been in the community for decades instead of months. A place that has repeat customers. We’ve spent 34 years in this business, and you don’t last that long without an unparalleled level of customer service and an outstanding staff. And remember that no deal is too large and we keep all transactions private.

Selling Diamonds? We buy diamonds of all shapes and sizes…


The first thing our appraiser will do onsite is assess the value of any precious metal in your jewelry. We then check the day’s current prices for the metals to make sure you’re getting top dollar for them alone. That amount, combined with the value the gemstones, will determine the total value for your item.


Ace Cash Gold  Buyers: top diamond buyer in Metro Detroit

Ace Cash Gold Buyers will provide an appraisal free of cost by a certified gemologist at any of our Metro Detroit locations when you’re selling diamonds.

“My visit to A.C.E. Cash Gold Buyers was very pleasant. Bill and Elise were extremely helpful and friendly. I had shopped at 2 other buyers and
they had the best offer for me. I would highly recommend visiting their location. They will give you the kind of service that you would tell
your friends and family about. They like to see their customers happy to have done business with them and made selling diamonds quick and easy. “ E from the D – online in detroit


A Helpful Guide to Selling Your Diamond Jewelry

First Thing’s First


Know what you’ve got. Just because someone may have told you that a ring is valuable doesn’t necessarily make it true. Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s not even a real diamond. It’s important to have a qualified appraiser, preferably one that is GIA certified, give you an unbiased and expert opinion of the stone’s condition.


Set a Realistic Price


One of the most common occurrences in selling diamonds is for the seller to be disappointed by the price that the appraiser determines. But that’s only the first step down the road. Diamonds have different values in different markets. Be sure to ask the appraiser for some situations the stone might be worth a little more in, like a party sale, private sale or replacement value. Our gemologists understand these markets and are happy to assist you in making the right choice for your situation.


The key thing to remember is that the buyer is looking to turn a profit, too.


Be Emotionally Ready to Sell


Please don’t make an emotional decision when selling diamonds, as they are oftentimes symbols of a significant relationship. The last thing any of us want to see is for someone to enter our store and make a decision that they’ll regret later.

Talk it out first. We’ve been here for over 30 years and we’ll still be here when you decide that the time is right and we’ll help you get the best price for your diamond.


Customer Satisfaction is our Business.


Contact us today or visit any of our locations and the ACE Cash Gold Buying staff will take care of you like you’re family. We have always understood that selling diamonds can be an exciting, and sometimes intimidating, process for a lot of people. Our comfortable, no pressure atmosphere allows our customers the freedom to explore, ask questions, and take the time they need make sure that any transaction with ACE is the best experience possible.